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Problemsolver Station Hangboard

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The Problemsolver Station hangboard is a true training machine. Boasting many new features and options to add holds, the Station Hangboard can be used either at home, on the road, out the back of the van, or at the crag.

**Features Include**

- For superior stability, use the two upper mounting options.

- All holds can be used for one arm dead-hangs when mounted with the upper straps.

- The centre mount is to be used together with a door anchor or at the crag, where you usually only have one anchor point to hang the board from.

- Optional add-on rungs can either make the upper front holds bigger or give you an extra grip size on the backside.

- Pinches and Half domes are also optional add-on holds.

- All four finger holds can be made smaller with inserts.

- The board can be tilted to make the holds more inclined, this will make the holds easier to hang on.

- The tilt feature is especially usable with add-ons mounted, as the centre of gravity shifts backwards, making the board heavier on one side.

- If you’re looking for a the traditional way to hang the board, you can do so by going O.G. and use the accessory cord.

**Technical Specifications**


- 2 adjustable straps with metal plates

- Centre mounting point for one strap use at the crag or with a door anchor

- Tilt the board using the metal plate, to make it easier to hang


- 436 x 112 x 30 mm

- Weight - 1.12kg

**Hold sizes**

- 24 + 18 + 14 mm holds

- Two finger pockets

- Center hold for one arm hangs

- All four finger holds are compatible with our inserts


- European ash
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