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Problemsolver Robot

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An all-in-one portable training device, the ProblemSolver Robot features several pinch grips, a comfortable mono, and a two-finger pocket. 4mm black cord for hanging and bag included.

**Technical Specifications**


- An accessory cord for mounting

- Tilt the device in three different angles


- 106 x 99 x 30 mm

**Hold sizes - Training version**

- 24mm mono

- 20mm two finger

- 14mm four finger

**Pinch grips**

- 99 mm - outside block

- 106 mm - outside block

- 66 mm - using quad hold (14 mm deep on training version, 24 mm deep on rehab version) and outside block

**Maintenence / Guidelines**

*The Problemsolver. Robot is made out of wood. For it to maintain it’s form, please follow these guidelines*

- Store the device inside

- Don’t leave it out in the rain

- Use a soft brush to clean the holds
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