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GripMonkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes - 50cm

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Built to withstand handstands and training, the Gripmonkey Calisthenics Wood Parallettes offer a comfortable and balanced training platform your you to improve your strength through Calisthenic training.
With no wobble or slip, the Grip Monkeys Calisthenics Wood Parallettes boast a solid Beechwood construction, a natural feel, and Olympic quality making them ideal for both home and gym use. A wide base and ergonomic handles make training safe and comfortable, and thanks to their finish, the Calisthenics Wood Parallettes are smooth to the touch and a pleasure to train on.
Ideal for improving grip strength, stabilizing your wrists, shoulders, and elbows, Parallettes not only improve your upper body and core strength, but also assure better joint alignment and overall balance.
A must for anyone creating a home training set-up, the Calisthenics Wood Parallettes from Grip Monkeys are a piece of equipment, that's benefits will be seen in your climbing for years to come.
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