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Wild Country Offset Zero Friends Set

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Wild Country's new introduction to their friend's range, the Offset Zero Friends Set is a full range of Offset Zero Friend Micro Cams that are specially designed for protection against offset micro-placements such as pin scars and flared cracks, or anywhere when symmetrical cams just will not fit.
Featuring one of the narrowest heads on the market, and engineered with a single axle, stainless steel termination swage, and one of the best expansion ranges available, the Offset Zero Friends Set features five sizes with different colours for simpler racking and selection.
Wild Country have machined the extruded aluminum alloy lobes with a radical design to ensure maximum friction, minimum weight, and reduced walking. Alongside this, the Offset zero friends are quicker, smoother, narrower, and lighter thanks to their high-quality machined finish.


- Wild Country OFFSET ZERO FRIEND (0.1/0.2)

- Wild Country OFFSET ZERO FRIEND (0.2/0.3)

- Wild Country OFFSET ZERO FRIEND (0.3/0.4)

- Wild Country OFFSET ZERO FRIEND (0.4/0.5)

- Wild Country OFFSET ZERO FRIEND (0.5/0.75)


- Perfect for small offset placements like pin scars and flares

- 5 differently colored sizes for simple racking and fast selection

- Effective flexible stem, protected by a flexible metal spring

- Soft, aeronautical aluminum alloy and non-anodized lobes

- Great expansion ranges

- Narrow Head with offset cam lobes

- High-Friction Machined Cam Faces

- Stem Protection With a flexible metal Spring

- Effective Flexible Stem

- Ergonomic Trigger Design

- Strong Lightweight Design

- Ergonomic Thumb Loop

- 10mm Dyneema Extendable Sling
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