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Organotex Biocare Sport Textile Wash

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Your functional fabrics sometimes need a gentle wash to assure their performance when out in the elements. For use on many fabrics including shell garments, wind and skiwear, fleeces and even backpacks. The OrganoTex® BioCare Wash boasts a number of benefits compared to normal detergents, it uses enzymes to help remove the toughest protein stains whilst leaving no chemical residue that can affect the breathability and water repellent funtionality of your gear.
With a range of environmentally freindly features, the OrganoTex® BioCare Wash is a highly concentrated, readily bio-degradable wash constructed of predominantly raw bio-based materials. Many common detergents contain phosphorus and volatile solvents. Not here! This wash is water based, phosphorus free and has no volatile organic solvents. Meaning a happier planet and less eutrophication.
Working in both hot and cold water, the OrganoTex® BioCare Wash works gently on treated fabrics, so the technology and repellent finish on your gear lasts longer.

**Instructions for use:**

- Shake bottle well and make sure the detergent compartment is clean.

- Add 40 ml (soft water) or 60 ml (hard water) into the detergent compartment for up to 4–5 kg.

- Do not use fabric softener.

- Wash and dry according to the fabrics or garment´s instructions.

- IF handwashing: use 20 ml per 10 L of warm or cold water.


- Bottle (PET) and lid are recyclable and can be sorted as plastic

- Usage: 100 ml/wash

- Contents: 15–30% Soap, 5–15% nonionic tensides, 1–5% anionic tensides, <1% Preservatives (2-Phenoxyethanol), Enzymes.

**500ml Bottle**
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