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Moon Armstrong Fingerboard

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From micros to monos, slopers to one-armed edges, as well as classic slots at different depths, and large slots for churning out pull-ups, the Moon Armstrong Fingerboard is the gateway into better lines and better climbing.
1 year in the making, Moon, in collaboration with some of the UK's top climbing talents has released a hangboard designed to be the best on the market. Thanks to its offset layout, the Moon Armstrong Fingerboard assures all hold types are in the optimum positions for training, whether it's for performing all classic one-arm and two-arm fingerboard training routines. Alongside this, Moon has designed the Armstrong Fingerboard with home-training in mind, if you choose to set yours up above a door frame, the most popular sized one-arm dead-hanging edges, which are 22mm and 18mm, and a jug for performing one-arm pull ups, have all been placed centrally, to put you in the middle of the door and clear of the door frame.
Made from the same high-quality birch play that Moon use to make their moonboard holds, a tried and tested wood by 1000's of climbers across the globe, birch is friendly on the skin and far more environmentally friendly than plastic or polyester fingerboards. UK Manufactured.

**Holds Include**

- 65cm x 16.5cm x 5.5cm.

- Incut jug plus 22mm and 18mm edges positioned centrally for one-armed hangs and pull ups.

- 2 x incut jugs placed either side of the central jug for deadhangs and pull ups.

- 2 x 35 degree slopers.

- 2 x 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm and 8mm slots.

- 2 x 22mm two-fingered pockets.

- 2 x 22mm one-fingered pockets.

- 2 x pulley attachments for assistance.

- Manufactured from Birch plywood.

- UK Manufactured.
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