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Organotex Spray-On

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For use on the road, on trail or in preparation for your next trip, the OrganoTex® Spray-On ensures sustainable and bio-degradable life added to your gear.
For simpler use than the OrganoTex® Wash-In. The Spray-On version still assures the up most protection of your garments but with added efficiency and simplicity in use.
Whilst using bio-degradable plant based catalysts and organic water repellent polymers, OrganoTex® Spray-On gives your gear that extra buffer of protection and trustfully restores the water repelling properties your garments may have lost along the trail.
Able to be used universally on most textiles, this product assures added dirt and water repellence without impairing the texture, breatability of the fabric or the integrity of colour. Giving your gear some of that TLC whilst washing without a concience. OrganoTex® has won a plethora of awards for sustainability including the Scandinavian oudoor sustainability award in 2018.

All products used are readily bio-degradable, free from fluorocarbons (e.g. PFAS, PFOS, PFOA), and other problematic commonly used textile chemicals. The CLP has classified all products used as non-toxic.

Suitable Fabrics:
Any funtional waterproof garments (with all types of membranes) that are able to be washed in a washing machine.
- Polyester
- Polyamide
- Soft-shell
- Acrylic
- Best effects are achieved on synthetic materials.

**Instructions for Use:**

1) Wash the textile or garment without using fabric softener. We recommend OrganoTex BioCare Wash or similar “pro wash” for functional fabrics. Ensure the fabrics is completely dry.

2) Protect the work surface, shake the bottle and spray the garment/ textile at a 20 cm distance making sure the fabric gets evenly wet.

3) Wait 1 minute, spray again and rub the liquid evenly with a cloth (protective gloves are recommended due to PH).

4) Remove excess liquid with a cloth or sponge, do not leave any drops as this may cause stains.
Do not overdose the liquid.

5) Tumble dry or use drying cabinet (40-70 degrees) for best performance or air dry as warm as possible in minimum 1-2 days in order to reach full water repellency.

For previous DWR* treated garments, tumble drying or dry cabinet are highly recommended. The heat is required for the fibers to divide and rise properly, which contributes to the water repellent function.

*) DWR= Durable Water Repellent, a water repellent finish applied industrially on the face fabrics.

**500ml Bottle**
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