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Organotex BioCare Wool & Down Wash

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Wool and down are considered the bee's knees for a reason, keep them at their peak with the OrganoTex® BioCare Wool & Down Wash. Renowned for their amazing natural properties, wool and down sometimes need a little more care than your synthetic counterparts. In comparison with standard detergents, the OrganoTex® BioCare Wool & Down Wash contains no enzymes that can change or deteriorate the natural properties of down or wool. Leaving not a chemical residue in sight, assuring the natural function of your gear. Paired with Lonolin to keep those fibers plump and soft, and Eucalyptus oil which not only has anti-bacterial properties but smells alright, alright, alright.

As standard, Organotex® keeps the environment as a top priority including environmentally friendly features such as: using predominantly bio-based raw materials, it's readily biodegradable, it's predominantly water based with no volatile organic solvents and it's phosphorus free. Alongside this, wool and down can be washed in one, meaning less wash cycles.
Assuring your gear is as good as it can possibly be is easier than ever with the OrganoTex® BioCare Wool & Down Wash. Not only suitable for down and wool, OrganoTex® BioCare Wool & Down Wash can also be used on mohair, cashmere and silk garments.

**Instructions for Use:**

- Shake the bottle and make sure the detergent compartment is clean.

- Add 25 ml (soft water) or 40 ml (hard water) into the detergent compartment for 2–4 kg.

- Do not use fabric softener.

- Wash and dry according to the garment´s washing instructions.

- If Handwashing: use 15 ml per 10 L of warm or cold water, leave for 30 min and rinse well.

- The bottle lasts up to 20 washes.

- Contains: 15–30% Soap, 5-15 % nonionic tensides, 1-5% anionic tensides, <1% Preservatives (2-phenoxyethanol), Parfum (Eucalyptus essential oil).

**500ml Bottle**
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